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Flamingo Ink is Wichita's full-stack developer center.
We know the tools you need to make your website or application a success.

Website and application development are an evolving landscape of platforms, methods, and tools. Regardless of the toolset, every website has unique objectives. At Flamingo Ink we focus your website on its most important objective: making you, your brand, your product, and your service the authority on the subject.

The web professionals at Flamingo Ink have decades of experience at adapting to ever changing digital landscapes. We work with proven platforms, and will guide you through the steps of website development from technical considerations, graphic design, copy creation and editing, key-phrase research and SEO, and a successful launch. At Flamingo Ink we partner from design to done.

Copy Editing

Our days are consumed in words. Marketing messages bombard us on all sides. How do you cut through the noise and reach those tired eyes? The key is well-written, well-structured copy. Grammatically poor, syntactically weak, copy looses the readers’ attention. The writing professionals at Flamingo Ink have years of experience in developmental editing. We know how to tell a story, and will bring that experience to your website copy.

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Digital Campaigns

Digital marketing is not a thing, it’s a process. You must define a target audience, attract that audience to a place, and ask them to take action.

The digital professionals at Flamingo Ink have the experience and toolsets to accelerate your digital marketing plans. Our team can help with graphic design, writing and editing copy, finding trends to leverage, and putting your content into the digital platforms that matter to you.

For your website, email, or the biggest social media platforms we will partner on your digital marketing campaign from research to done.

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Email Marketing

Email is the best performing digital marketing tool. As frustrated as we are at the spam in our inbox, email generates more leads and conversions than other methods of digital marketing.

The digital professionals at Flamingo Ink will help you choose a mailing service, create and grow your mailing list, and create campaigns that get attention. Our creative professionals have years of design, copy editing, and web development experience to make your next email campaign a success.

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Facebook is the digital platform you need to leverage your brands presence on the Internet. When focused on your audience and campaign, Facebook Ads can be an excellent return-on-investment.

The social media professionals at Flamingo Ink will show you how to leverage your Facebook Page into an advertising platform that gets clicks to your website and establishes you as the professional brand in your field.

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For website content management we prefer Joomla because of its superior architecture, flexible content management options, and easy fit search engine optimization.

With Joomla it’s the little features that make managing and structuring your content a breeze. The Joomla professionals at Flamingo Ink have decades of experience at designing websites with this award-winning content management system.

Market Research

Market research takes many forms. Did you know that you can leverage your email list and social media profiles into your next big digital campaign?

At Flamingo Ink we will help you design a simple, three-question, survey that helps you find a market niche that demands your consumer’s attention. And when the results come in, we have the experience to find the keywords and design principles that will launch your next digital campaign.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most important aspect to your websites success. The SEO professionals at Flamingo Ink work from a proven process, developed over decades of experience. We prepare a concise report that dispels the myth around SEO promises and explains why the work is important.

Our SEO Pyramid report illustrates how your websites technical structure mirrors your content’s message and how that translates into search engine results. When you partner with Flamingo Ink you will know that your site is well-structured and ready to go.

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Website Development

Website development is an evolving landscape of platforms, methods, and tools. Some newer tools imply that anyone can build a successful business from a website with a minute’s effort. The hard truth is that there are more considerations to successful website design and execution than placing a few images and a logo. Understanding publishing platforms, current methods, the technical landscape, and leveraging them for a satisfying user experience is what we do at Flamingo Ink.


For websites that need WordPress’s robust ecosystem we know how to make the best use of WordPress’s content management tools without burdening your website with questionable, fly-by-night extras.

WordPress’s purpose was to democratize publishing, and it has succeeded with over sixty-million websites published on the platform. The WordPress professionals at Flamingo Ink have the passion and experience you need to reach your goals with this popular platform.


After Google, YouTube is the worlds most popular website. An explainer or how-to video establishes you as an authority on the subject, tell the world you know your stuff, and we will help you leverage your YouTube presence to get visitors to your website.

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