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Flamingo Ink is Wichita’s full-service B2B printing and design center.

New location at First and Mead in Old Town

Vital as digital media is in today’s mobile world, ink and paper are timeless and trusted. A printed message adds power and presence to your brand that a social media post can’t match. A well-crafted brochure or flier can still surprise and impress any audience.

Strong printed materials offer a tangible presence to your social media campaigns. Flamingo Ink’s creative professionals have the experience to pull your digital campaign into the real world with printed brochures, cards, flyers, folders, or posters.

The size of your project does not matter, we give each client individual attention, so the finished product represents your brand or campaign. At Flamingo Ink we have a passion for print and will work with you on any size project from inspiration to print.


In a mobile world, your brand is an intangible as a social media post. Putting a full-color brochure in someone’s hand gives you a physical representation missing in the digital world. Nothing introduces your products or services, or delivers your message like a bi-fold, or tri-fold brochure.

At Flamingo Ink we can help you craft a beautiful and compelling layout that will capture the imagination of your clients. We consider your budget to advise you on sizes, formats, paper, and binding to deliver a standout brochure for your brand. Wichita’s most recognized names trust Flamingo Ink for their event and marketing brochures; join the flamboyance.

Business Card

The business card exchange is how your business makes connections. Some eastern cultures exchange business cards with two-hands and a bow, while in the west we leave them on a desk for everyone to grab. When you need to share your phone, address, or email nothing does it faster or with more impact than the business card.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed by the choices in business card options, (paper, finishing, corner cuts, size, etc) drop by Flamingo Ink to see, feel, and experience the options. We will partner with you from concept to delivery on your next card.


A printed catalog for your digital store turns browsers into buyers. Clear, engaging catalogs with powerful imagery and content are a source of inspiration that encourages readers to share it with friends and family. A printed catalog elevates your brand. 

The creative professionals at Flamingo Ink will work with you to create a stunning catalog and when you are ready to print, we are the best place for a few copies to large-quantity press runs.

Coil Bound Notebook

When your presentation demands more than a brochure or flier and your business documentation has to standout, a professionally bound notebook sets the standard. At Flamingo Ink our Xerox printers bring those documents to life and we bind in-house for delivery to you, your shareholders, members, or customers.

Wichita’s most recognized names have trusted Flamingo Ink for their bound reports and presentations; join the flamboyance!


Envelope options are overwhelming for your average bird. When you are ready to get personal with a letter, invoice, or invitation you have to choose between plain, white, window, security, number 10, number 9, A2, A6, A7, A9, or maybe a 6.75. The birds at Flamingo Ink know the right envelop for the job and we can print them with your return address, or do a full mail-merge and deliver the finished product to your doorstep.


Nothing beats the printed flyer at raising awareness. Small size, big impact leaflets or fliers are engaging and fun.

With little space to work with, flyers or leaflets need a clear call to action and a strong creative design to grab your audience. When you need a few flyers to hand out around the office, or thousands of flyers to mail to your customers Flamingo Ink’s digital printers and friendly staff can print, cut, and deliver them to your doorstep.


The paper-trail is still a thing, and nothing does it better than the carbonless form. The design team at Flamingo Ink work hard to understand your needs and ensure your form is easy to read, complete, and follow. 


The printed newsletter is an effective way to communicate with staff and customers. A regular newsletter keeps everyone up-to-date and makes the reader feel a part of your story. Flamingo Ink’s creative professionals design and print newsletters that help you stay connected.

Pocket Folder

A creative folder can serve multiple purposes. Everyone needs a functional way to separate and gather inserts, leaflets, brochures, and catalogs. An appropriate folder, with an engaging design is something you want to share and inspires others to action; it will carry your message for years to come.

When you need a pocket folder the professionals at Flamingo Ink will advise you on paper stocks, die cutting options, business card placement, printing, and finishing techniques.


The postcard is like a business card you mail to your clients and customers. With limited space and much to say, it’s easy to overcrowd the postcard with too many messages. At Flamingo Ink, we work with you to ensure each postcard has a purpose and strong call-to-action that doesn’t dilute your brand or confuse your customer.

We print, cut, and finish your postcards to your specification and when they are ready, you can pick them up, or we will deliver to your mailing service.


Standing out from the crowd is Flamingo Ink’s trademark. Posters and wide-format printing are one of the strongest forms of visual marketing. The poster catches the eye and delivers a message that is identifiable and understandable in a few seconds.

Using limited space while communicating the right message for the event or venue, is a challenge the creative professionals at Flamingo Ink love. We will work with your wide-format design, suggest the best material–like foam core or PVC–and sizes for your project. Our experience with has taught us to scale materials to work in your office and reception spaces so they don’t sit in the closet between shows or events. When you become the Flamingo in the flock of pigeons, you will want to use our poster and wide-format expertise again, and again.

Office Dog holding an invitation to Take a Tour of Flamingo Ink


At Flamingo Ink our Xerox printer produces quality programs that show off your unique event or meeting. The design professionals at Flamingo Ink have seen easy to follow programs and others that leave the event attendees dazed and confused. Chat with the crew at Flamingo Ink about your next structured event to ensure the program looks its best.

Rack Card

Between the tri-fold flier and ubiquitous postcard is the rack card. When you have a specific or limited service that doesn’t need a trifold, a rack card makes you a standout in the crowd. The same height and width as a flier they fit in standard holders and cost less for the same big impact.

Stationery & Letterhead

The impact of well-designed stationery, letterheads, or thank you cards—with matching envelopes—is overlooked. A creative suite of stationery sets you apart as someone that sweats every detail. You can add creative printing, finishing, and die-cutting options to leave a powerful impression with your clients.

The creative professionals at Flamingo Ink have designed all forms of stationery. When you need letterheads, compliment slips, or even envelopes we create designs that work and print them on our digital printers for delivery to you.

Yard Sign

When you don’t have the money for a billboard and need to develop brand or name recognition, small, portable yard signs are the answer. Popular with service companies like roofers and real estate agents yard signs are one way to build a name and brand recognition. The Design professionals at Flamingo Ink will design your yard sign graphics and text for reading and recognition on the go.