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It’s tough for local businesses to get noticed in the flood of media. A confused message, across multiple channels, confuses new customers. While web and Facebook ads need to showcase your brand and target local customers.

Flamingo Ink is a full-service digital design, print, and web center in the heart of Wichita.

Our experienced designers and copy editors know how to focus your message and make a big impact.

Our high-speed Xerox printer is perfect for your on-demand projects.

And we have decades of experience in building websites that make you successful.

WordPress, WooCommerce, and Digital Marketing

Digital marketers take advantage of local businesses with scary acronyms like SEO, SEM, and SMM. They promise big returns, then lock you into annual contracts where you pay hundreds of dollars a month, and still seem to do all the work. When the results don’t meet expectations, getting answers is impossible or buried in obscure data.

The digital experts at Flamingo Ink know web design and digital marketing. We will transform the message you perfected in your print material and expand it to a brand story that will repeatedly drive customers to your business.

Order Event Stationery

Life events, like a wedding, graduation, or funeral are difficult enough to manage without fretting over paper types, font choices, and mailing dates. You want an invitation or program relatives will treasure for years.

Make your wedding or special event a celebration to remember with personalized luxury invitations from Flamingo Ink.

We offer a wide variety of exclusive prints and custom designs that fit your personality or lifestyle.

Complete B2B Solution

SEO, SEM, or SMM? Brochure, flyer, postcard, or spiral bound book? Print or digital? Website or Facebook page? 

Putting your local business, product, or service in front of your community is more complex than ever. Traditional strategies are not enough, and digital promises won’t pay off unless you know how to navigate them. Flamingo Ink is Kansas’s complete solution.

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